Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to, and recognises the value and importance of, high standards of corporate governance. In due course and in any event prior to admission to the premium segment of the Official List, the Board intends to comply fully with the UK Corporate Governance Code. The Board currently complies and intends to continue to comply with the requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code, save that Avril Palmer-Baunack holds the position of Executive Chairman.

As prescribed by the UK Corporate Governance Code, the Board has established three committees: an Audit and Risk Committee, a Nomination Committee and a Remuneration Committee each with formally delegated duties and responsibilities and written terms of references (available on this website). If the need should arise, the Board may set up additional committees as appropriate. Following the appointment of independent non-executive directors, the members of these committees will be James Corsellis, Mark Brangstrup Watts, and the three independent non-executive directors Stephen Gutteridge, Jon Kamaluddin and  Piet Coelewij. From appointment David Lis is also a member of each of the Board’s committees.

The Company will report to its Shareholders on its compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code in accordance with the Listing Rules on an ongoing basis.