What We Do

What we do

UK Vehicle Remarketing

The Group’s UK Vehicle Remarketing division trades under the BCA brand at 23 auction centres. BCA sells vehicles at our Exchanges on behalf of a broad portfolio of vendors including manufacturers (OEMs), leasing companies, contract hire, dealers and vehicle buying companies. Buyers and consumers who include car supermarkets, franchised and independent dealers, professional vehicle traders.

Exchanges comprise physical and digital auctions and outsourced remarketing services. These are complemented by a portfolio of pre and post-sale value added services including our buyer funding service, BCA Partner Finance.

International Vehicle Remarketing

The Group’s International Vehicle Remarketing division operates primarily across nine countries throughout Europe at 28 auction centres with operations in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

Distinct to the UK market, European customers have a higher propensity to trade at online auctions both in a single country and between operating markets and to buy vehicles to export to countries including Austria, Belgium, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

Vehicle Buying

In the UK, the Group’s Vehicle Buying division operates from over 200 locations as We Buy Any Car and in Europe as CarTrade2B. We Buy Any Car is the UK’s leading car buying service, now established as the third disposal channel for consumers. Used vehicles purchased directly from the public by We Buy Any Car are disposed of exclusively through the BCA Exchange.

CarTrade2B was successfully trialled in Germany and similar projects have now been initiated in the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. These businesses focus upon buying batches of vehicles direct from corporate entities and remarketing them through the International Vehicle Remarketing division.


BCA Automotive runs the UK's largest transporter fleet supporting a large portfolio of long-term customers, primarily OEMs and leasing companies. They carry manufacturer’s vehicles from port of entry to retail dealerships and from dealership to the Exchange. BCA Automotive complements the BCA Logistics business, which supports the auction operation, in addition to delivering single moves and inspections on behalf of leasing and captive finance companies.

BCA Technical Services operates vehicle defleet, refurbishment, logistics and storage facilities. Operating from a footprint of over 100 acres and with the capacity to handle around 100,000 vehicles annually, the business has extensive technical and administrative expertise in reconditioning, conversion, pre-delivery inspections, servicing, storage and onward logistics movements providing excellent customer service to an impressive portfolio of customers including vehicle manufacturers and importers, major fleets and dealer groups.

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